Commercial Freezers in Manchester TN

Restaurants, convenience stores, and other commercial businesses that handle food rely on their freezer to maintain consistent sales. Without commercial refrigeration, a food industry business can't function, which makes it all the more frustrating when these finicky machines fail to do their job correctly.

If you're a business manager, you've likely had to handle freezer repair. But trying to make repairs on these machines without help from a professional service can be time-consuming, confusing, and expensive. Thankfully, local businesses in the greater Middlle Tennessee and Manchester TN area no longer need to worry about freezer or refrigeration repair.

Comprehensive Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services

Every food service business needs a working freezer to provide refrigerated products to customers. However, the specific commercial refrigeration services each of these businesses need vary depending on the company. Restaurants with large walk-in coolers will need a different repair service than a small convenience store that needs a small display freezer fixed.

On the other hand, some stores will need a variety of freezer repair services, and for them, it can be challenging to find commercial appliance repair in Houston that fits all those needs. At Highland Refrigeration HVAC, we pride ourselves on offering our repair service to all clients in the Middlle Tennessee and Manchester TN area and beyond, regardless of their specific cooler repair needs. Whatever kind of freezer you have, our team will be there to handle the job.

Walk-In Freezer Repair

The walk-in cooler is an essential piece of equipment for eateries to keep their chilled foods at the right temperature. So when your refrigeration system stops working as intended, it can be a point of panic for managers. The Tennessee Department of State Health Services has strict guidelines for the temperature at which foods must be stored and prepared. Something as simple as malfunctioning defrost cycles can break the evaporator coil in your walk-in cooler and make all the food inside unusable.

If you need emergency cooler repair, you can count on the team at Highland to repair the problem promptly and keep you from losing sales.

Reach-In Freezer Repair

Like a walk-in cooler, a business's reach-in freezer is a crucial piece of equipment. Both refrigeration systems are responsible for handling most of a store's frozen foods, and both systems can bring your business to a standstill when they're not working correctly.

Unfortunately, issues with reach-in freezers can be as frequent as they are with walk-in systems. The compressor or fan motor in a reach-in freezer may break down when used frequently. These parts can be challenging to find and replace, but the technicians at Highland Refrigeration HVAC are always equipped to handle the job.

Under-Counter Freezer Repair

Though these freezer systems are smaller relative to walk-in or reach-in units, under-counter freezers are vital for the success of a food service company and are as prone to compressor breaks as any other type of freezer. The compressor is responsible for heating refrigerant gas within a freezer. Heating might sound counterproductive to the freezer's intended purpose, but it's a vital part of the process.

If your compressor isn't working, call Highland for a commercial freezer repair service to resolve the issue.

Refrigerant Leaks

Display freezers are the most common ways to keep foods chilled in grocery stores and convenience stores, which is why commercial appliance repair on these machines is one of our most popular services. Our refrigeration repair service technicians can have the display freezers in your Houston store working soundly in no time.

New Commercial Freezer Installation

Sometimes, a freezer can break beyond the point of a commercial appliance repair crew helping in any meaningful way.

Luckily, Highland Refrigeration services include both repairs on old units and installation for new ones. But if you aren't sure if your current commercial refrigeration needs replacing, there are telltale signs that can help you figure it out.

Old Age

If your freezer has exceeded 15 years of age, we recommended you get a replacement.

Heavy Use

When freezers work harder - for example, in hot climates - the more prone to breakages they are. In this case, you should replace your freezer every 10 years.

Recurring Repairs and Costly Parts

If you find yourself hiring a freezer repair service often, it may be more cost-effective to buy a new one.