Commercial Refrigeration in Manchester TN

At Highland Refrigeration, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to keep your refrigeration equipment up and running and working at peak efficiency.  We are a trusted partner and we understand your business. We help you to design new systems and make smart equipment decisions that plan for your future needs. In addition to your commercial refrigeration service & repair, Highland can also take care of your HVAC systems as well. Having one trusted service provider to handle all these tasks saves time and money.

Your refrigeration units are critical systems that can quickly cost you a fortune when they fail, both in lost business and spoiled food items. And working refrigeration equipment with poor temperature control can cost you a bundle in spoiled food and higher energy bills, not to mention the risk of health code violations and damaging your reputation.

Highland provides commercial refrigeration service and repair for all types of food service operations, including:

  • Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

  • Restaurants and Bars

  • Ultra-Low Temperature Equipment

  • Food Storage

  • Hotels

  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes

  • Corporate Cafeterias

Commercial Refrigeration Services Provided by Highland

Emergency Service.

When a critical piece of equipment fails, it’s an emergency. Call Highland Refrigeration HVAC any time of the day or night, and we’ll get there in a hurry and fix it fast. 

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment and Installation

Whether it's new construction or time to replace existing equipment, we can help you choose the right equipment and get it up and running fast. 

Commercial Refrigeration Service and Repair

Even if it’s not an emergency, we understand that when things are not working right, you need them fixed quickly and reliably. In fact, we provide a one year parts and labor warranty on all commercial refrigeration service & repair. We can also offer dependable advice when you’re facing a repair or replace decision.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

The best way to control repair expenses and limit downtime is with a commercial refrigeration maintenance contract.To keep your refrigeration equipment working at its best, it needs periodic inspection, cleaning and preventative maintenance. Maintenance is also important to keep you in compliance with food safety regulations and to keep energy bills low. We’ll take care of it at a convenient time for you and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your refrigeration equipment is in tip-top shape.